Drone Survey Mapping



Camera captures overlapping

images while in motion


Identifies and matches thousands of keypoints


Extracts geometry to calculate camera position for generating accurate maps and 3D models



                                               Time and cost efficient accurate aerial data



  • Classic surveying sensors requires a great amount of points and  in hazardous areas. Drones will reduce time on site, personnel and improve safety due to rapid aerial data collection.



Construction progress Aerial Video/Images



•   Flying so close to the ground means that drones are able to achieve resolutions of just a few centimeters and capture imagery at unprecedented oblique angles.

•   Up-to-date data improving the quality control type reporting with real scenarios as they happen.

•   Status and monitoring of a jobsite providing a permanent record on the installation and materials.





•   The orthomosaic generation is based on orthorectification. This method removes the perspective distortions from the images using the 3D model. This method handles all types of terrain, as well as large datasets.

2D Distance Measurements


•    Distances are preserved and therefore the orthomosaic can be used for measurements.

Volumetric Measurements

•   Geo-referenced for volumetric measurements and stockpile site documentation combining orthomosaic with DSM (digital surface model: digital reproduction of ground surface created from terrain elevation data).


•   Accurate, current data means better work and decisions without surprises.

•   Compare and contrast final plans against current progress.

•   Measure true distances, adjusted for Earth's curve, topographic relief, lens distortion and camera tilt.

•   Monitoring your infrastructure via the high-resolution imagery allows you to detect and fix potential issues before they become problems.

•   Tool to capture quality control type reporting.

•   Mitigate risk: specifically areas that maybe difficult to access for a person.

•   Prevent inaccuracies that would lead to change orders and costs overruns.

•   Before the use of UAS ,the only way to get an orthomosaic was to purchase aerial orthophotos or processed satellite imagery, which tend to be out-for-date and of much  lower resolution.

3D Model

•   Three-dimensional models allow for identification of potential conflicts and/or errors in the project design. The model can be tilted, rotated, and manipulated to provide various views of the designed area.

•   We can also provide the 3D project design and with the drone 3D current model you will be able to compare the progress in a daily basis.


Fly Through Video: Take your customer, contractors, and leadership team on a guided journey through your construction project. Help them appreciate the job site scale, and the impact you had from the start to the completion of the construction process.

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